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This report will be focusing Essay Example for Free

This report will be focusing Essay This report will be focusing on the different functional areas of a business, i. e. Administration, Finance and Human Resources Task 1 Functional Areas are the different areas of a firm. Each functional area has a different objective to the next. Sales will be the main turnover part of the business whereas Human Resources (HR) will be the hiring and firing of personnel. Marketing are in touch with the consumer and Finance take care of the money. The different areas include (but are not limited to): Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Finance, and Administration (also known as Admin) And Customer Services. Task 2 This table shows which Department or Functional Area has the most importance and what they do Department Explanation Activities Importance Human Resources This functional area has the responsibility of using and developing the organisations personnel in the most productive way. Hiring and Firing, taking interviews. Making sure the employees are happy and, in some cases dealing with pay negotiations and dealing with strike situations Very Important as without HR there wouldnt really be any employees. Without happy employees, there could be strikes etc. Administration IT Services Administration provide the backup needed to run every other department, i. e. the day-to-day jobs Dealing with post, photocopying, dealing with visitors, telephone switchboard, IT Services Probably the most important as no other function can work without it, especially without IT support Finance Managing the money coming in and out, paying taxes and raising money for the business Handling money, paying the VAT man, handling taxes Very important the CEO would get indicted for not paying VAT and Tax Marketing Sales. Finding out what products customers need and advertising the products to them Advertising and selling the product to the customers Very important as without selling your goods you wont have any income Customer Services Looking after customers requirements and dealing with their complaints Contacting customers and being contacted about returns, advice, complaints and enquires Probably the least important as once youve sold your product you dont really need any further contact with the consumer Task 3 Charlton Athletic FC Human Resources. One specialist personnel officer who is responsible for all aspects of training, recruitment, interviews and development. Managers of all departments also have a responsibility for some aspects of various personnel issues. Payroll section responsible for paying all departments Finance Each department has its own budget and must meet all costs from this. Departments may request emergency funds if the budget is overspent Administration Each senior manager has his/her own Personal Assistant. Everyone does their own administration. The admin dept. also has the I. T. department within Marketing 3 Departments who deal with the marketing and sales aspect of the firm Marketing Department This department deals with sponsorship and selling stadium boxes to the public for matches Communications Dept. This department designs and updates the website, also they design, write and print brochures and matchday programmes Public Relations (PR) The PR dept. deals with player appearances to the press, they deal with all press enquiries and arranging player interviews on T. V. and Magazines Charlton also have a Schools Visit Programme in which they visit schools in Kent and South-East London to further the Charlton reach. Customer Services Charltons Customer Services department doesnt actually exist. Complaints are dealt individually with by the manager of each department. Chartlon apparently take complaints very seriously. Big complaints may be dealt with by the Chief Executive of Charlton himself. Any complaints not dealt with by the club may be handed to an independent inspector from the IFC (Independent Football Commission). Bromley Library Human Resources 42 people in total work in the Library which is down from last year The different roles include Group manager, Assistant Director of Education who is the chief librarian and Senior Customer Service Manager. You could argue that the Director of Education, Ken Davis is the head of the library There is a central HR section within the Education and Libraries dept. The HR dept. is mostly training and hiring new All Bromley Libraries put together get an average of about 2-3000 visitors a day so health and safety is important. There is an HS Executive who visits all the libraries and investigates certain problems Finance It is a legal requirement that Libraries cannot charge for books but libraries can charge money for videos, DVDs and CDs. Their funding includes New Opportunities grants (A Lottery Fund) and Government Grants. Administration This includes an IT repairman with a team of technicians who goes out to branches to sort out any IT problems Task 4 Internal Communication: Communication between the different functional areas and different people within the same functional area of the same company. External Communication: Communication to someone outside of the company, for example Banks, Suppliers, Customers, Shareholders, Stakeholders etc. Task 5 Type Of Comm. Explanation Advantage Disadvantage Verbal Conversation A real-life conversation between 2 or more people, face-to-face. Feels more personal, no technology that can fail and interrupt your conversation Someone can overhear your private conversation Telephone Conversation A conversation between 2 people on the telephone Can be private as it is only you and the other person that can hear Can get cut off, can be expensive Telephone Conferencing. A telephone conversation between more than 2 people Talk to you work colleagues when you are all in another country If one person gets cut off the conversation cannot continue without him/her. Expensive Meetings A formal meeting between important people in the firm. Usually no more than 10-15 people Meetings can be a useful place to share ideas You might not want to be in the same room as someone Video Conferencing The same as telephone conference but with a live video image of the person(s) you are speaking to. Video conversations can be made with a 3G (3Gigabit) phone or over the internet using MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger or Skype 2 Seeing your colleagues can be more personal and can feel like a meeting If one person wants to leave the entire conversation stops. Can be expensive Letters A formal external communication method between to groups Letters are always clear and to the point Slow to arrive and get lost on the post. Post is 29p Email is free Memos An internal form of letter, usually less formal Will always reach the person as it goes through internal mail Takes a long time to reply Email An electronic mail that can arrive in another part of the world in less than 3 seconds. Can be used for anything and does not have to be formal Can reach the other side of the world in around three seconds. Can be replied to instantly. Can be sent to more than one person instantly Sometimes too informal and can be lost on servers Fax A written document that is scanned and sent across phone lines A letter that can reach the other side of the world in seconds Can get lost on the phone lines. Document may not scan well. Black and white only Notices A kind of memo pinned to a notice board to inform the passers-by Notices can inform anyone about what is going on and it cannot be private May not reach the person(s) you want it to Skype and other VoIP applications It allows you to make free calls to other Skype users and very cheap calls to Landlines and Mobiles. Now, with Skype 2 you can add video to your conversation A cheaper alternative to making phone calls. The call is sent over your broadband connection so is quick and clear. No national or international charges You have to pay (albeit very little) for calls to landlines and mobiles   Aaron L. Lovegrove Page 1 09/05/2007 Page 1 of 7 Business Studies Unit 1 Functional Area.

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