Saturday, March 14, 2020

Into the Wild essays

Into the Wild essays The Life and Death That Is Meant To Be All his life, he acted out in such way that he was in the system that surrounded the society, but never doubts his inner calls from the nature, rendered in his blood. Chris McCandless started his journey long before the summer of 1990. He was an adventurer by his fathers side, which was one of the reasons for leaving the urban life. All planed long ago. His journey after the high school graduation proved him right that there was a cure for his inner calls. He discovered how wildlife gave him the freedom he needed. He maybe thought journey would lift him up where he wanted to be, away from the corrupted system in which all try to take a stand. His rage and vision through the system showed itself before by protesting against world hunger. His passionate columns in the university paper shout out his divorce from the life. Neither his family, nor his friends could have figure his plans, because his well-thought plan led them not to. They, who knew him or even get crossed by him, couldn't stress enough that he was a smart, hard-working, and honest man, whom they enjoyed and accepted his company. If he ever wanted to keep himself in the system, which he was more than qualified so; he could. He could even reach greatest heights as he did before the summer of 1990. But he saw the world as black and white, thus there were only one right against the wrong, so he chose exile. He founded his happiness by living in the wild. He used "itchy feet" as a term to explain the need to feel earth underneath, move through the unknown, and see the wonders of the Mother Nature that are long forgotten or lost its importance. He loved it, he lived by it, and he knew he was home. As a human being, he couldn't resist the need for social attractions, intellectual conversations, and the soft feeling of binding with people into some extend. So he made short affairs, just short enough not to let the time bri...

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